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Football Technique School

Football Training Curriculum For Boys & Girls - Melbourne

Football Technique School

Football Technique School

Football Training Curriculum For Boys & Girls - Melbourne

FTS Technical Training Academy

Our program has evolved considerably since its origins in 2005. We are entering our 15th year of youth specific technical training and the rewards are now showing, with many of our older players now stepping into professional clubs both here in Australia and abroad.

You can have a scroll down through our Facebook page to see some of these older players.

In recent years we have added FTS Development Squads and have established our FTS Futsal Club, both instrumental to ensuring our players receive best practice youth player development.

The link between technical ability and intelligence is vital for player development and is pivotal within our curriculum.

For information on our programs, again visit our up to date Facebook page.

FTS Roll Steps (made in 2013), nice blast from the past, 5-6 years is a long time in football. Since this video was made, 16 of these ‘baby faced’ players from our FTS squads have gone on and represented Australia in Youth National Teams, Overseas or A-League senior youth teams (U20 and above).

Opportunities and experiences are a key part of the youth football journey – at 12 years of age we provide
opportunities for the players that are ready, to travel, train and play in Japan.

Football Technique School

“An individual players technique (or technical ability) is the most important developmental element”

Our Philosophy

You often hear stories about certain events or circumstances that change a person’s life, well for myself it was a visit to Clairefontaine (French National Training Centre) in 2006. As well as personal interviews with Aime Jacquet and other French youth technical coaches, I was guided through the age specific developmental training curriculum. The message was very simple – “an individual players technique (or technical ability) is the most important developmental element”.

Gerard Houllier took it one step further when he suggested that if a player at 16 years of age didn’t have a satisfactory technique, there was no way of ever catching up.

In recent years, my research and knowledge of the Dutch and Spanish youth developmental approaches has further helped me to understand the importance of providing a specific environment conducive to advancing a youth footballers technical ability.

The years 0-16 are so important, lots of hard work and patience required, the footballer doesn’t get a 2nd chance to build the foundation. As they enter the years 17-22, they need to be bulletproof as they prepare for senior football.

Michael McBride

Clairefontaine (French National Training Centre)


The VISION for FTS is as follows:

  • Develop individual technique, skill and tactical awareness
  • Guide players to be composed on the ball in tight areas under pressure
  • Remove the pressure to 'win at all costs'
  • Accept mistakes as part of the learning process, encourage players to learn from their mistakes
  • Support players to take risks and play with no fear
  • Encourage players to be creative and innovative
  • Incorporate elements such as 'minimal structure' and 'free-play'
  • Challenge coaches/parents to find ways to effectively communicate with young players
  • Mentor and support players and parents in a holistic approach to football development
  • Follow the FFA National Curriculum and encourage ALL players to participate in FFV/FFA talented pathway programs

FTS Trickshot Challenge – The lost “Art of Play” – it’s the innovation, creativity, persistence, skill and passion that we love about these trick shots!!

Here are all the entries – whilst we all know that bouncing a ball off the roof into a garbage bin won’t directly get you a professional contract, however  playing with the ball like this is the essence of the game – its the lost “art of playing” that we need in the backyards and school yards across the country!

Some Background

Michael McBride

Michael is the FTS Program Director, his particular area of expertise involves developing the technical abilities of young footballers. He has the AFC-A Licence, Sports Coaching Degree and Masters in Sport Management. Michael spent 3 years with the Socceroos as an analyst, which included the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. He was also Assistant Coach for the U17 National Team (Joeys) and the FV National Training Centre (NTC).

Curriculum & Insights

Our curriculum is unique and based on years and years of genuine research, knowledge and practical implementation.

Parent Guidance

The key objective to youth development is to create an enjoyable and challenging culture that will fast track the young players. Given each individual underpins and drives their own developmental journey, the culture at home is as important as the culture within the FTS Program. We help support families to setup this positive culture at home by sharing knowledge and unique insights along the journey.

FTS Futsal

FTS supports the growth of the Futsal in Victoria.

Futsal is a sport in its own right, with its own pathway.

Playing Futsal is also a great developmental tool for young aspiring footballers, given the speed of the game and the tight spaces involved.

Many of the best footballers in the world grew up playing Futsal and even attribute it as being a key factor to their success e.g. Pele, Messi, Romario & Neymar.

FTS Futsal Club is determined to provide young players a genuine opportunity to further develop their technical skills and game insight in the sport of Futsal.

FTS Futsal

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