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Jordi Valadon (2003) – Melbourne Victory A-League Mens Squad

Congratulations to Jordi Valadon for his promotion to Melbourne Victory A-League Mens Squad.

Jordi Valadon spent over 4 years developing his game at FTS, from U10 through to U15 age groups.

Jordi is a midfielder, an intelligent technician in possession and dominates opponents with his tenacity, ball winning ability and smarts when defending.

Jordi is a master in tight spaces. He is composed on the ball in tight areas under pressure. Jordi plays with his head up, is clear in his mind and decisive, has excellent spatial awareness and is proactive with his movements and positional adjustments. Jordi is a skilful player with a very advanced technical ability and has developed an impressive ability to combine technique and intelligence when executing his actions. This makes him very effective. It is almost impossible to get the ball from Jordi!

Jordi impacts the game when defending. His positioning is clever, he hunts his opponents, he has a low centre of gravity and is explosive. He closes spaces, anticipates and intercepts, uses his body well and is a genuine ball winner.

Jordi has a fantastic mentality, he has always been able to find that nice line between working hard, staying calm and enjoying the journey. He is professional, focused, determined, competitive, hard working, fast learning and courageous. Jordi is a leader, he leads by example, quiet in nature, yet is constantly setting the standards that players follow.

Jordi is a top young guy from a very supportive family. He is a fantastic role model for our young players.

Jordi made his impressive debut for the Melbourne Victory A-League Men’s Squad late last season. He is looking forward to season 2023/24.

To Jordi, everyone here at FTS is supporting you in the background. We are all looking forward to watching your career progress. All the best and goodluck!


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