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James Georgiou (2005) – Signing Melbourne City U21s

On behalf of FTS coaches and staff, it’s time to say goodbye and best wishes to James Georgiou – leaving FTS to join Melbourne City U21s in 2023 to begin the transition into senior professional football.

It was 10 years ago that James Georgiou joined FTS. Jimmy was just a little 7 year old but he had big dreams and ambitions!

To sum up Jimmy in one word – WINNER – whether it’s a small game of football tennis at training or an end of season grand final, Jimmy plays the same, he plays to win. He is highly intelligent, very street smart, excellent communicator, clever, focused, hard working, determined, tenacious (the list goes on…).

Jimmy applies the same winning mentality to his training and personal development. He is very open to learning, willing to try new concepts, adapts to any environment, extremely robust, will play any position, very positive and never complains. He competes, yet is fair and plays with a smile. Jimmy is a leader!

With his phenomenal mentality, Jimmy has quietly gone about developing all facets of his game. He is a highly technical footballer, which is important for a midfielder. He was not born with this ability, he worked hard to develop this quality. Jimmy takes information and thinks during the match, his positioning and movement is relevant to the situation. He is a game breaker, he imposes himself and dictates the play, the tempo, he impacts the match.

Jimmy has always been a late developer. However in every team that he has played in he has found a way to compete, to impact the match, despite being smaller and with less strength and speed. During the years he has taken his time to refine his techniques, develop his confidence on the ball and further his creativity and innovation. These elements are important. Now that he has matured physically, and the playing field is even again, he is dominant.

Jimmy is a top young guy from a very supportive family.

To Jimmy, everyone here at FTS is behind you as you enter the next phase of your development and strive for senior professional experiences in the Aleague and beyond. Goodluck!


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