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Harrison Rowse (2010), Sohail Mohammadi (2011) & Mikey Cohen (2010) – Melbourne City

On behalf of FTS coaches and staff, it’s time to say goodbye and best wishes to Harrison Rowse, Sohail Mohammadi & Mikey Cohen – leaving FTS to join Melbourne City in 2024.

It has been a pleasure having Harrison, Sohail & Mikey involved in our FTS Development Squads over the past 4-5 years.

In terms of positions, all three young players are technically advanced, intelligent and extremely hard workers and predominantly play in midfield, yet still have contrasting profiles.

Harrison Rowse would be one of the most improved players in our program. When he arrived at 8 years of age, he was competitive, tenacious and eager to learn. Harrison drives the team forward from midfield. He has worked very hard on his technical abilities, particularly those involving composure on the ball in tight areas under pressure. Harrison is a pleasure to coach, he is a fast learner and has grown in confidence over the years, both on and off the pitch. Harrison leads by example with his dedication and commitment to learning. When defending, Harrison is clever, works hard, reads the game well, anticipates and intercepts. Harrison is still young, but currently has the profile of a box to box midfielder.

Sohail Mohammadi is an innovative and skilful player, often entertaining the coaches with his unpredictability. Sohail arrived at FTS at 8 years of age, he brought with him a contagious energy and love for football. We see the same energy with his little brothers that are just starting the journey with us. Sohail plays with confidence and loves the ball at his feet, always looks to find a way forward and is very difficult to dispossess. He is also calm in front of goals. When defending, Sohail is tenacious, brave and is explosive due to his low centre of gravity. Sohail is very young but currently has the profile of a #10.

Mikey Cohen is an elegant player and at times makes the game look very easy. Mikey has been training at FTS since he was 6 years of age and joined our development squads when he was 9 years of age. Mikey is smooth when moving with the ball at his feet, he has good balance, is technically advanced, and is difficult to read or dispossess due to his various deceptions. Mikey is very focused on his development and works hard to reach his goals. He will be tall, so patience will be required during the next few years as he shoots up. Mikey is still young, but currently has the profile to play in any position in the spine.

All three are top young guys from supportive families.

To Harrison, Sohail and Mikey, everyone here at FTS is supporting you in the background. All the best with the next step on your journey!


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