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Cade Segar (2006) – Signing Melbourne City U18s

On behalf of FTS coaches and staff, it’s time to say goodbye and best wishes to Cade Segar – leaving FTS to join Melbourne City U18s in 2023 to begin the transition into senior professional football.

Cade Segar arrived at FTS as a shy, quiet 9 year old in late 2015. He departs fully prepared for his next challenge as a strong young man with immense inner belief.

You often hear these types of quotes from sporting commentators:

“the game slows down when he has the ball”
“makes the game look so easy”
“looks like he has all the time in the world”
“so calm on the ball”

As FTS coaches (and parents) that have been watching Cade over the past 7 years would attest, the above quotes describe him well. This is a rare quality in youth football.

Cade is a midfielder, an exciting talent. He can play in all midfield positions, however at this point in his development, Cade is best suited as a holding or defensive midfielder. He is calm and composed in tight areas under pressure and very effective in the build up phase, always looking to link and move the ball forward. Cade has excellent spatial awareness and is clever with his positioning, movement and subtle adjustments. He plays with his head up, can break lines and is clean when distributing the ball. Cade is creative and confident on the ball, very deceptive and hard to dispossess.

Cade is physically very strong and has developed his ability to impose himself defensively. He is very good at reading the play and blocking lines, and is ball winner, often stepping in front and intercepting.

Cade has a very strong mentality and is independent and committed to his personal development. This was epitomised during his maximal growth phase (around 13-15 years of age), when other players were bigger and stronger, he remained calm and quietly continued to move himself forward in all aspects of the game, including individual strength training. This was very impressive to observe. Now that he has physically matured himself, whereby the playing field is even again, he is physically dominant.

Cade is a top young guy from a very supportive family.

To Cade, everyone here at FTS is behind you as you enter the next phase of your development and strive for senior professional experiences in the A-League and beyond. Goodluck!


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