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Angus Mackintosh (2007) – Melbourne City

On behalf of FTS coaches and staff, it’s time to say goodbye and best wishes to Angus Mackintosh – leaving FTS to join Melbourne City in 2024 to commence his transition into senior professional football.

Angus Mackintosh arrived at FTS in 2016 at the age of 9, and spent 7 years refining, refining and refining.

Angus is the ultimate professional, a genuine role model for young players at FTS. As a late developer, he has played the long game and has “walked the walk” when it comes to hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

Angus is a highly talented midfielder. His impeccable technique combined with low centre of gravity, quick feet and explosiveness make him effective in tight congested spaces. This gives him a very high ceiling. Angus also plays with no fear, he is comfortable to receive in tight spaces, can secure the ball but also is constantly looking for avenues to play forward. Angus is very strong in 1v1 moments and can break lines and drive the team forward. Angus is also a ball winner, he is strong, courageous and uses his body well. He also sets the standards at training, a leader among his peers.

Angus is physically a late developer, which comes with challenges, particularly at 13-15 years of age when bodies are developing fast for many. With support from coaches, team mates and his family, Angus has demonstrated strong self belief and has remained focused and committed to his goals throughout this time, which is admirable.

Angus is a top young guy from a very supportive family.

To Angus, everyone here at FTS is supporting you in the background. All the best with the next step on your journey!


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