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Ali Abili (2009) – Melbourne Victory

On behalf of FTS coaches and staff, it’s time to say goodbye and best wishes to Ali Abili – leaving FTS to join Melbourne Victory in 2024.

Ali Abili arrived at FTS in 2017 at the age of 8, and spent 6 years working hard on developing his game.

Ali is a dangerous striker, a silent assassin, he makes precise clever movements, whether entering spaces, making forward runs or dragging opponents, he makes defenders uncomfortable. Ali is technically advanced, balanced, unpredictable in 1v1 moments and strong on the ball. Ali is an efficient clinical finisher, he has excellent timing, anticipation, quick feet and is explosive around the box. He is also patient and disciplined, an important element for a striker. Ali has good spatial awareness and can receive in tight spaces, hold up the ball, link in pockets and find ways to play forward.

Ali has a strong mentality, he is focused, determined, competitive and works extremely hard. He leads by example. Ali is open to learning, and a pleasure to coach.

Ali is a top young guy from a very supportive family.

To Ali, everyone here at FTS is supporting you in the background. All the best with the next step on your journey!


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